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Joe is one of our prize assets he is a great example of the new up and coming content creators with a impressive social media reach Joe has been making content for a while now with some amazing views on his youtube channel.

His social media channels TikTok Instagram and YouTube are growing a a fast pace and gives brands a great gateway in to younger audiences and communities.

Joe is a fabulous example of he new Gen Z influencers his past experience of scaling his ideas and conceptualising them in his cheeky social media friendly way adds that X factor to joes abilities.


What skills can Vlogger Joe  offer 

Social Media Engagement 

Fashion Model


Micro blogging 

Net social media reach - 45 K 

Social Capital score - 89 %   

[This is based on his community authenticity  reach & overall post impact]

Key Audience  breakdown  -  Mainly males under 25 

Engagement rate -  93% 


Location - London , Newcastle 

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Vlogger Joes Youtube has been growing rapidly over the last 12 months with a firm Gen Z fan base his followers are all looking for funny vibrant content giving brands a great direct gateway in to build long lasting communities.

Vlogger Joes Social Media Accounts



 15 K 



25 K 



5 K