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Tia is 1 of our prized Influencers & represents our aspirations for brands and our customers she is a inspiring young women ,athlete and role  Model for young girls she makes for the perfect organic influencer who has not only a growing social media platform but a national sport platform which she works on it really is with pleasure we introduce her to you.

She was a 2018 competitor for the European Championships and a potential Candidate for the 2020   world championships  which showcases the level this young women is at and indeed the support she can give smaller brands to raise awareness of your products and or services.

This year 2019 she is competing again on the national stage she is one to keep your eye on as her professional career is fast paced.

A perfect young influencer who has a impressive social media presence and also a confident self take content creator, her community and network she has organically built offers a direct gateway in to her community.

Tia is Signed to one of the best Agencies in the country TMA talent Tia has a 360 support network of professionals guiding her so be assured any marketing & or social media campaigns you get her involved with will be scaled by not just Tia but her management teams  who understand ROI for external sponsors.

What skills can Tia offer?

Social Media Engagement 

Fashion Model

Photo shoots

Personal appearances 

Guest speaking for schools 

Promotional events 

Net social media reach -  14 K 

Social Capital score - 97%   

[This is based on her community authenticity  reach & overall post impact]

Key Audience  breakdown  -  Females UK based under 30

Engagement rate - 98%

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14 K