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Tamika & Jaydah are great Generation Z influencers 17 years  old they make for the perfect shoot for Mainstream brands  both girls are Confident positive and very much on trend with everything, Both girls are students in the arts & really do add that extra Value.

They have created some fabulous Generation Z consumer focused content for I saw It first, Missy Empire and others with great impact and engagement returns  from their followers & consumers.  

As you will see the twins engagement level is peaking on every image they post on Instagram and really make the case for brands using micro influencers, the micro Eco environment they are creating will only get bigger & with more reach to Generation Z consumer.

Bigger more established brands have really shown a interest in the twins with PrettyLittleThing.com & Karl Kani sharing content the twins have created , they are also the influencer favorite if you dig deep in to their impact data trend setters other key influencers generally follow these twins.

Skills The Twins can offer 

High street fashion Modeling 

Content creation 

Social media support 

Youtube Vlogs 

Events & PR

Net social media reach   2 K

Social Capital score - 91%   

[This is based on his community authenticity  reach & overall post impact]

Key Audience  breakdown  -  Mainly under 30 females predominately Generation Z consumers. 

Engagement rate - 97 %  

Location  Cambridge 

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