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Taleah is a edgy driven and very much on trend generation Z influencer and model she has built up a great following and professional portfolio.

Taleah has experience with High end fashion, her professional images and list of past people and projects she has worked on underpin her social media presence.

Her online presence is glowing and getting bigger and bigger as she scaled her new A YouTube channel, Taleah is a proven self-take creator with a eye for edgy consumer driven content.

She will make a great ambassador for fashion and all things female oriented and on trend.

Skills Taleah  can offer 


Content creation 

Social media support 

Youtube Vlogs 

Events & PR 

Net social media reach -  20k 

Social Capital score -  

[This is based on his community authenticity  reach & overall post impact]

Key Audience  breakdown  - 

Engagement rate - 

Location -  Burton on Trent Stafford shire 

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