ASA Standard

We as a company aspire to uphold the advertising standards authority ethos around the code of practise.

We have incorporated processes and procedures to conform with the core principles of the code.

Transparency with the public is important to our brand and overall mission.

[Terms of Business Influencers & Partners ]

You the 'Influencer' are a member of our subscription and membership service the fee for this service is £0.00 per year depending on your membership terms, you will receive all the benefits under this agreement, you have the right to cancel this agreement at any time . 'Influencers' Are contracted individuals unless stated otherwise in these terms and or any expressed terms, we '' 'The Company' accept no liability under any PAYE and or HMRC challenges or costs associated with influencers personal Vat, Tax and HMRC compliance matters.

'' is a freelance platform and all influencers unless stated otherwise in legal form or in an official letter-headed paper should be classed as sub-contractors to '' 

Managed creators will have bespoke SLA [ service level agreements] as well as all the benefits under this agreement.

'This agreement' is by no means a legally binding contract between INFLUENCERS and our customers you the INFLUENCER contract with '' unless stated otherwise , if you the INFLUENCER arranges a deal outside of 'This agreement' and or partnership paid and or not '' takes NO Liability what so ever and excludes your terms of reference under this agreement if a remedy is being pursued by third parties against you for any losses or incurred costs under YOUR agreement outside of these terms.

 Fraud prevention and Money laundering prevention 'The Company' has a legal duty to prevent fraudulent activity namely, 'Influencers' paying for likes views and followers, this is to protect our brand identity and our reputation failure to adhere with these rules on fraud prevention we will result in immediate sanctions and or removal of your account permanently.

 Payments owed to influencers none cardholders - 'The company' operates a 28 day invoice and escrow-type payment system this means we audit your work for the brand who has booked you, once you have submitted your content and or posted the work under your agreement , we will then work to a process to Quality assure , prevent fraud and facilitate the execution of the project and review.

Under no circumstances can we engage in any activity to be seen too or be attached to any behaviour which could bring our service into disrepute.

Under no circumstances can we engage in and or promote adult content, drugs with no clear NHS guidance to effects and or slimming products.

'The Company' will pay you no later than 28 days from invoice, all invoices will be sent in PDF or word format and include your banking details Sort and Account Number, the date the work was completed who the work was completed for and your contact details.

Boss influencer pre-paid cardholders your payments will take no longer than 14 days from the request from the FairFx App.

Failure to comply with these rules could result in you being excluded from our services.

For more information regarding payments please email us here

Partners [External enterprises sole traders organisation companies’ customers] & External supply chain. You the 'partner' have both statutory terms under the sale of goods act 1979 (1982) and our expressed terms under this agreement, 'Partners' being both a paying or none paying customers both constitute a 'partner'.

Under the ' The agreement' You the 'Partner' agree to without delay pay 'The Company' on time and no later than 30 days from invoice, if we are assigned by you 'partner' to conduct any work or activity on your behalf you will be bound by both statutory legislation and our expressed terms under this agreement.

If you the 'Partner' agree outside of this 'The agreement' with 'Influencers' referred to above, to conduct ANY work this will limit 'The Company' liability to you the 'Partner' and your accessibility to recourse from 'The Company' absolute. 

 Under UCTA 1977 [The Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977] This Regulates contracts by restricting the operation and legality of some non-commercial contract terms. It extends to nearly all forms of contract and one of its most important functions is limiting the applicability of disclaimers of liability, this could be payments and or personal health and safety to well-being and bullying in the workplace.

 Our commitment and 'The agreement' with you the 'Partner' We 'The Company' will offer you the 'Partner' all services under this offer HERE We 'The Company' will agree with you a project time frame and sign off date , a terms of operations 'The piece of work ' Unless stated otherwise we will be the agent on record contracting with 'The influencer' for you the 'Partner', this agreement will not exclude or reduce our or your liability under this agreement in any way other than in accordance with this agreement.

 We 'The Company' are the responsible agent for all communications to sign off contracts and general information content creation fraud prevention & payment to 'Influencers' and contractors who create content 'Partners' contract with 'The company' to create.'Partners' contract with 'The Company' only- If the 'Partner' contracts outside of this agreement with

'The Companies' ' Influencers' without communications with 'The companies’ agents' this agreement could be void.

'The Company' will act with all due diligence, professionalism and expertise to maximize the customers RETURN ON INVESTMENT it is our aspiration to create long term relationships not just partnerships, 'The Company' does not exclude any liabilities under this 'Agreement' unless a remedy by either party has been activated with immediate effect.]

Refer an Influencer 

An influencer who is hosted on [The Platform] have schemes available to them one is the refer an Influencer.

This unlocks a fee as stipulated in the fee mandate on [The Platform] .

The Fee will only be processed after the refereed influencer has been on [The Platform] for longer than 14 days.

Refer a Brand 

An influencer who is hosted on [The Platform] have schemes available to them one is the refer a Brand strand of provision

.This unlocks a fee as stipulated in the fee mandate on [The Platform] .

Influencers who Refer a Brand to our business must do so by requesting a referral Key here The brand who is refereed by the influencer has to use the referral key .