Influencer Model Blogger ✅

Sarah is a fabulous example of the new breed of Bloggers Generation Z specific and very much on trend with everything from make up to fashion and experiences a full time student she really is the perfect brand creator.

She has worked with tens of brands most recently I saw it first & the fashion bible highlighting the level this young Influencer is currently on .

This summer she was picked by the Boohoo team to travel over to Croatia and create some content for there students on campus campaign.

Sarah's  social media channels reflect that retail edge and urban flavor, she is a very confident and positive young women who has the eye for content creation.

As an Established self take content creator Sarah would be a asset to any fashion or luxury goods provider , She has already showcased her great marketing skills with other providers and brands she has conducted marketing projects and influencing campaigns.


What skills can Sarah offer

Social Media Influencing 

Fashion Modelling 

Blogging and Vlogging 

Managed by Boss  ✅

Net social media reach  - 100 K 

Social Capital score - 91%   

[This is based on her community authenticity  reach & overall post impact]

Key Audience  breakdown  -  Females UK based under 30

Engagement rate - 95%  

Location - London , Manchester Newcastle 

Sarah's Social Media Accounts



90 K



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4 K