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Lauryn has a great working history delivering projects and influencer support to brands such as PrettyLittleThing, Select Fashion, Quiz Clothing, Loungeunderwear, SaintLuxe, Misspap.

Lauryn is also a writer with her debut book coming out in February 2019 [ Gram the reaper] on Amazon she really adds that x factor , a well established professional blogger and influencer she really is a prime example of the new influencer movement.

You can see why these online brands want to work with Lauryn her social media platforms are all aligned and look 100% professional and on trend, she really is the perfect female influencer for all things Glam , Trendy and high fashion.

Lauryn has a great female following with a reach of over 30 thousand, her social media platforms offer brands great pathways to new customers/consumers and audiences.

Her self take ability and overall quality of  content really showcases her professionalism attention to detail and eye for edgy . funky and relevant content.


What skills can Lauryn  offer

Social Media Influencer

Modelling (Fashion)
Modelling (Make up)
Modelling (Travel)


Guest speaking 

Net social media reach - 35 K 


Social Capital score - 98%   

[This is based on her community authenticity  reach & overall post impact]

Key Audience  breakdown  -  Females UK based under 32 

Engagement rate - 97%

Location  East Yorkshire 

Lauryn's Social Media Accounts

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