Influencer Content Creator

Josh is an edgy driven and very much on trend generation Z influencer inked to perfection this young man is a great asset to any social media projects  he has built up a great following and professional portfolio his self-take content personality and beautiful features makes him an ideal male ambassador and male product promoter.

As we all know them stubborn male consumers are hard to reach this influencer really is a gateway in to new younger male audiences and consumer.

Skills Josh  can offer 

inked model

Tattoo model

Fitness tutorials 

Content creation 

Social media support 

Youtube Vlogs 

Events & PR 

Net social media reach -  45 k 

Social Capital score - 92  % 

[This is based on his community authenticity  reach & overall post impact]

Key Audience  breakdown  -  70/30 split mainly males under 42  and around the North of England 

Engagement rate - 85% 

Location -  Sunderland Newcastle 

Josh's Social Media Accounts