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Jordan  has been rapidly building her social media presence and portfolio over the last 15 months, she is now with a new talent agency who will be working with her in 2019.

Model and Influencer Jordan has a amazing following and very much a 60/40 female split, she has worked with a range of brands and enterprises and is a seasoned influencer.

With a petite frame and petite features Jordan is the perfect swimwear and luxury lingerie  model.

Jordan  is an all-round Social-Media and MSM influencer with an extensive and impressive track record in the influencer market. She has a varied skill-set covering mainstream fashion, lifestyle work, music videos and editorials.

Her professional portfolio features many commercial shoots for brands apparel and swimwear , her social media channels are great for all round brand exposure and marketing.

What skills can Jordan offer

Modelling (Fashion and Urban )

Dance (Street and Grind)

Social Media Engagement 

Personal Appearances 


Net social media reach - 55 K 

Social Capital score - 82 %   

[This is based on her community authenticity  reach & overall post impact]

Key Audience  breakdown  - 68 % are female aged 14-/39 & UK based 

Engagement rate - 80 %  

Location -  Chester , Leeds Donacster 

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