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Jack is a well seasoned you-tuber and social media personality he has a great male audience and a fabulous example of the new generation Z content creators.

19 year old Jack has suffered with anxiety and is diagnosed with ADHD his true passion and creative outlet is making people laugh this connects others who may have similar barriers in their youth , he is a very driven young man and one without his own struggles , this really does give Jack depth to his online identity and as a Man.

Jack has generated millions of views on his YouTube channel and you will see the numbers consistently in the tens of thousands , this combined with his other channels really does separate Jack from the rest.

A self take creator jack adds that extra value and reassurance that any content he makes for you will be quality assured and consistent  for younger audiences.

He is a perfect brand promoter for male orientated products & services which gives him a competitive  edge over other influencers, males as we know are harder to reach demographic and Jack is followed by mainly males aged 14-32  year old.

What skills can Jack offer 

You-tube creations 

Content creation 


Meet & Greets 

Net social media reach  115 K 

Social Capital score - 80-%   

[This is based on his community authenticity  reach & overall post impact]

Key Audience  breakdown  - 81% are Men aged 14-/48  & UK based 

Engagement rate - 89%  

Location -  Middlesbrough   

Jacks Social Media Accounts



85 k 



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