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Crystal is a seasoned reality TV star and international model , she has been the front page of many mainstream publications , she has been on MTVs flagship dating show and recently channel 4 dating my ex, Crystal also was the top 3 finalists in the 2018 UK next top model competition showcasing the level this influencer is at. 

Crystal has a great working history delivering projects and influencer support to brands such as PrettyLittleThing, Select Fashion, Quiz Clothing, Lounge underwear, SaintLuxe, Misspap to name a few.

You can see why these online brands want to work with Crystal her social media platforms are all aligned and look 100% professional and on trend, she really is the perfect female influencer for all things Glam , Trendy and high fashion.

Crystal  has a great female following with a reach of over 110 thousands her social media platforms offer brands great pathways to new customers and audiences, her male followers are mainly fans and other influencers , if you look at her impression rates they are fabulous.

Her self take ability and overall quality of  content really showcases her professionalism attention to detail and eye for edgy . funky and relevant content.

What skills can Crystal offer

Meet and greets 

PR events 

Social Media Influencer

Modelling (Fashion)
Modelling (Make up)
Modelling (Travel)

Net social media reach - 100  K 

Social Capital score - 89 %   

[This is based on his community authenticity  reach & overall post impact]

Key Audience  breakdown  - 52 % are females  aged 17-/48  & UK based 

Engagement rate - 87 % 

Location  East Yorkshire South Yorkshire Manchester Leeds London  

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61 K 



35 K



5 K 



30k VPS


content creator

 Faris is a professional, worldwide published content creator that is very much on trend and networking with all the key influencers in the industry.

Being no stranger to either side of the lens. He First started modelling in 2014 till present. Furthermore with a skill set that stretches to being an entrepreneur, fashion designer and social media guru.

His aim is to create memorable content that emulates your vision and his  creativity. 

He  works  in front of the camera but I feel my knowledge of working behind the camera gives me a much deeper technical understanding and advantage on how to present myself in front of the lens. 

Faris's great fashion sense comes from establishing his own street wear brand in 2013, so is constantly working within fashion and has he even had his line side by side with John Lewis and Peacocks in a fashion show!.

What skills can Sean  offer

Social Media Influencing 

Blogging and Vlogging 

Fashion Modeling 


Events and Expos 

Digital support and editing 

Net social media reach - 65 K 

Social Capital score - 74%   

[This is based on his community authenticity  reach & overall post impact]

Key Audience  breakdown  - 58% are Men aged 14-/48  & UK based 

Engagement rate - 79%  

Location - Bristol . London 

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2.9 K 



22 K 



34 K



1 K 



Katrina has a impressive social media following and a vibrant social network across 3 channels Her social media audience is really focused on female fashion and female trends she is also a academic who is studying Law.

A established Model/Influencer Katrina has  a impressive and growing social media reach and  is a perfect asset to any marketing projects that are female focused on trend and edgy.

She has  Collaboration with various brands on instagram -high end online stores such as rebellious fashion and Missy empire to smaller family brands showcasing her self take ability and motivation for influencing. 

We are sure that what ever way you work with this influencer you will be assured you will get a professional leader who will create some eye catching content.


What skills can Katrina  offer?

Modeling (Fashion and Urban )

Social Media Engagement 

Personal Appearances 


Net social media reach  - 14 K 

Social Capital score - 95%   

[This is based on his community authenticity  reach & overall post impact]

Key Audience  breakdown  - 80% are women aged 14-/48  & UK based 

Engagement rate - 90%  

Location - Leeds & Newcastle 

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Katrina's Social Media Reach



10 K 



1.5 K 


Blogger model creator

Chloe is a confident self-take creator having established herself in the influencer world   you can see why she is so popular with her community, her social media channels, her social media Blogs and Vlogs are perfect for those brands wanting to reach females and young new consumers. 

Chloe's organic  professional profile and edgy consumer friendly content ,the  list of brands she has worked with highlight her appeal to fashion and online brands.

Chloe has built a growing community of younger consumers and fans which is very much seeking fashion and lifestyle inspiration, giving brands gateways to her organic community.  

She has a excellent track record of working with prime brands such as I saw it first In the style, boohoo and lots of other brands she really does give you that gateway in to new consumers.

Net Social media reach  -  13 K

Social Capital score - 97%   

[This is based on her community authenticity  reach & overall post impact]

Key Audience  breakdown  - 84 % are female aged 14-/29 & UK based 

Engagement rate - 85%

Location - Portsmouth 

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1.3 k