Creators how it works

Content Creation


We will pay you direct to create & post content on your social media channels for our customers & partners.  

  • Monetize  your social channels  
  • Monthly payments from internal assignments 
  • Regular income from Adverts 
  • 14-28 day payment system 

Gifting Scheme


 Gifting is a process which brands gift you products & services in return for you inform others about the products.

  • Gifting enables new content creation 
  • Gifting is a cool way to grow your blog 
  • You can Keep the Gifts or give them away to good causes 

Referral Fees


 Influencers themselves have a valued network we will pay you to share that network.

  • Refer other Influencers with 10K upwards 
  • Refer brands to us who might benefit from our services
  • Unique referral code  
  • Refer Brands 

VIP membership card


  We know Influencers are busy  and for a 1 off  fee of £25 you will not need to invoice us again with our pre paid master card service 

  • Paid quicker 
  • No more invoices   
  • App support 
  • Redeem cash back  
  • VIP insider access  to exclusive events
  • discount on 50 mainstream shops and websites  

Social Good Projects


We love Influencers who use there social  media to bring about change and awareness of social causes in there community.

  • We will Pay you to Blog and Vlog  about community projects  & social causes in your community
  • Build your profile by engaging your community positively

Discounts & Benefits


Influencers on our platform have access to the best content creation services & resources around the UK.

  • Photographer discount codes 
  • MUA discount codes 
  • Location/studio discounts 
  • Travel/Hotel Bursaries
  • One off award for a project

Non managed services ℹ️

Hosting & information ℹ

We recognise some creators and influencers do not need or require hands-on managers helping them directly or want to be in an exclusive partnership with Boss and we understand this.

Our hosting and information free membership is for up and coming creators Youtubers and influencers who we see as having market potential and have the capacity to grow in the long term & become revenue-generating self-sustainable influencers.

Having access to the influencer space events and news you will have direct access to internal bookings and other types of information.

Access to industry events parties and awards.

Creators and influencers who are not applying to be managed should only apply if you have a following of over 20K on any given platform unless extremely active and under 20 K


Managed Creators/Influencers ✅

Personalised PA & PR manager

Creators & influencers get to a point in their career when they need tailored support with communications merchandise PR and Legal that is why we offer a wrap-around support service to all our managed green tick holders ✅ 

For all work Boss secure for managed clients we take a % depending on negotiated terms.

You will get a dedicated boss virtual PA who will help you maximise the value of your platform plus as a green tick ✅ holder you will get weekly press releases sent to up to 5 media provider of your choice.

All green tick ✅ influencers on signing up get a free bossy MasterCard topped up with £100 a free complimentary spa break.

We want to help you unlock the next stage of your career by helping you create a streamlined communication plan externally to grow and maintain your market potential.

Whatsapp our dedicated team today for a quick chat.

T&C apply 


Financial Services

HMRC Tax & Accounts


.Boss offers green tick ✅ holders a fully managed self-assessment service which prevents you from getting fines with HMRC and enables you to focus on your platform and fans.

Don't have the Tick ✅ and still need the support Don't worry we can still help you.

Every tax year self-employed people are mandated under legislation to submit self-assessment tax returns this can cause significant long term issues if not administrated correctly.

As a green tick ✅ holder, you will receive a master card which also gives you access to an online accounting and management app FairFx .

The app will help you manage your financial and accounting obligations our partner app also gives you downloadable functions for accountancy purpose that are in line with self-assessment rules

Legal structure support


We know that TAX planning is key to maximising returns Boss gives all green tick ✅ creators free tax planning & legal structure advice plus 1-year free Public liability insurance.

If you're not managed directly by Boss you can still take advantage of the services don't worry.

Planning on how you manage your enterprise is key to long term growth we know how to help you become more profitable and keep more of your revenue with clean tax planning good legal structures and people who understand your needs.

Our legal and compliance services protect you and your future having the correct legal structure and plans in place will maximise your chances of long term viability and profitability.

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