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Bobbie is a  confident self-take creator having established herself in the influencer world 2 years ago you can see why she is popular with the girls and guys which makes for a great brand ambassador her Youtube channel is growing at a great pace.

She is a industry leading makeup artist and cosmetic enhancer , her social media Blogs and Vlogs are perfect for those brands wanting to reach females and young new consumers. 

Bobbies organic  professional profile boasts a great list of brand she has blogged for and her Youtube channel underpins her blogging and social media presence.

Bobbie brings a lot of attention and energy in from live streams podcasts and networking  , she  took it upon herself to start more fashion & make up  blogging  as a lot of girls  would ask where she has got her clothes , bags and shoes from organically. 

What skills can Bobbie offer

Modelling (Fashion and Urban )

Dance (Street and Grind)

Social Media Engagement 


Youtube promotions 

Net Social media reach  - 120 K 

Social Capital score - 97%   

[This is based on her community authenticity  reach & overall post impact]

Key Audience  breakdown  - 91 % are female aged 19-/40 & UK based 

Engagement rate - 95%

Location - Bristol London 

Bobbie's Social Media Accounts



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