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teen model influencer youtuber

Alice is one of our prize assets she is a great example of the new influencers who are coming up through the ranks and starting their career.

She is already a brand ambassador for international apparel wears along with other brands, she has been a favorite in the UK for all things Teen.

Alice has lots of experiences of social media and social media influencing she has been doing this for all her teen years and is a very well-established young person, Alice really will add value to your project needs and is a leading example of the new Teen marketeers.


A well established and confident young model Alice is supported by her management but also her mother who is instrumental to her success, a motivated Generation Z influencer who is very well liked in the community.

What skills can Alice offer 

Social Media Engagement 

Fashion Model


Micro blogging 

Net social media reach - 80 K

Social Capital score - 89 %   

[This is based on his community authenticity  reach & overall post impact]

Key Audience  breakdown  - 58% are young females aged 14-19  & UK based 

Engagement rate - 91%   


Location - Wales 

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Alice's Social Media Accounts



Total 110 k 



2 K 



1.2 K